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tv   The Five  FOX News  February 4, 2013 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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>> breaking news in alabama where a 5-year-old has been held hostage in a under ground bunker for five days. police are ready to make an announcement in the case. jonathan is live. >> significant developments. we expect to hear confirmation from authorities in 5 to 10
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minutes. we are hearing from a law enforcement official telling fox that the boy, the 5-year-old boy who has been held in the under ground bunker in the area you see behind me coming up on 7 days, that he has been released and that he is, quote, okay. the same law enforcement official also saying that the suspect, 65-year-old jimmy lee dykes who had been -- allegedly holding this boy in his backyard bunker all this time, that the suspect in the case is dead. kimberly, all of this began last tuesday afternoon. the boy was riding home on a school bus in this neighborhood, in this area where i am when a gunman boarded the bus, the bus driver positioned himself between the gunman and the children. the gunman opened fire fatally
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wounding mr. poland and one of the children was taken hostage. that child being that 5-year-old brought to a backyard bunker in the backyard of this suspect jimmy lee dykes, a 65-year-old who neighbors describe as very territorial someone who would become violent if neighbors or even a dog would venture anywhere close to his property. neighbors saying he harbored very strong anti government views. through out the standoff that ensued authorities kept a long line of communication with the suspect 24-hours a day through a pvc pipe that was providing ventilation from the surface down into under ground bunker. authorities releasing very few details about the discussions. the sheriff only saying a little bit earlier today that mr. dyke
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had an important story but it was very complicated. the sheriff wouldn't elaborate from there. just within the past hour people here out of the press site where the media are gathered across the street from police command post. many people here heard some sort of a boom. couldn't say whether it was an explosion, gun fire or simply the door on a truck closing but a boom that got everyone's attention, there was movement up the hill behind me and then this law enforcement official saying the initial reports suggest this 5-year-old boy has been released from captivity and that he is quote okay. and the suspect who has been healing him all this time is dead. kimberly, back to you. >> is there any information you can give us about the time frame preceding this loud boom that everybody heard that perhaps there was some different changes in negotiations discussions with the suspect mr. dykes? >> no, there was no indication
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that there was any change in the discussion. police were telling us what they were telling us each time they came out to brief us that nerp keeping the line of communication through that pvc pipe open 24/7. the sheriff gave us more information that most of the communication had taken place during the daylight hours. but no indication that anything had changed or that we were close to a resolution, kimberly. >> jonathan here is dana perino. >> i had a question about the coordination between the local police the fbi and whoever else is involved. that was an amazing level of skill at that local level to be able to do that negotiation to keep that going for 7 days and to bring it to what sounds like a successful conclusion for the boy. >> it is indeed, dana. it has been the presence of virtually every branch of police that you can image being out
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here. you have the sheriff's office over the jurisdiction. you have neighboring municipalities providing police to the area, then you have alabama state law enforcement officials and then you have the fbi. so you had state, local and federal authorities out here on the scene in what appeared to be a well coordinated effort to bring this resolution, dana. >> can you tell us about what you know about the boy and do you have any indication of what his condition is or where he is right now? >> we don't know where he is right now. but law enforcement source saying that he is quote, okay. in general we were told he was a special needs student, that perhaps he suffered from some form of asperger's syndrome. anecdotally, folks who knew the bus driver saying charlie pullman jr. would keep the special needs children at the
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front of the bus so he could keep an eye on them. if that's the case, that might explain why this kid was targeted, why the gunman selected him as a hostage. perhaps all of the other children were at the back of the bus. i am told the driver had gotten that back door open before he was shot so the kids in the back of the bus it would have been easier for them to get off and this kid would have been an easier target sitting at the front of the bus if what residents are telling us is true that the special needs were kept near the driver so he could care for them. >> this is bob beckel. is there any indication this was a single bunker or was there a series of rooms in this complex? >> our reports that we have been getting is it's a single bunker and there were conflicting reports about the dimensions. we heard 6 by 8 feet and then we heard reports it was slightly
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larger than that perhaps as long as 15 feet long. our understanding it was a relatively small single room bunker. >> jonathan, we keep hearing about this guy dim dykes. according to neighbors it was no surprise. everybody knew what he was doing what he was planning. why was he still out in public? >> neighbors say that it was a ticking time bomb. some neighbors had reported him to the police but they say the problem is, if they were reporting gun fire the police would come out the gun fire would be gone there would be nothing they could get him on. evidenc he was scheduled to stand in court last pens on charges of menacing his neighbors threatening neighbors with a gun. but of course the hostage standoff began the afternoon before that. >> i have a question, are you
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able to see whether or not in terms of containment of the area what other emergency services perhaps are on scene to give some indication what the explosion might have been is there any kind of hazmat on location or emt? >> it is hard to tell, because they have had ambulances stationed out here through out the ordeal. they have had a fire truck out here through out the ordeal. then they also have state and federal vehicles out here. they really brought vehicles out for every possible contingency. it's not like when the boom came there was a sudden influx of new vehicles to the scene. we really can't tell from the vehicles here exactly what that explosion was. that may be something we have to wait until the news conference before we get confirmation. >> i was curious about his parents. the child's parents. have you been able to talk to them? >> no. we haven't been able to talk to them. law enforcement has been really trying to encourage the media to
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keep their distance saying it's a very difficult time. we have heard indirectly. talking to a local preacher who is friends with a pastor who has been counseling the family, the parents and the grandparents and says given the circumstances they have actually been holding up quite well, that they have had a lot of faith all along that god would see them through this and there would be a peaceful resolution. it appears their prayers have been answered today. just curious, the gentlemen who told you the boy was quote-unquote okay. give a sense of his mood? where they euphoric? were they happy? set the scene for us. >> yeah, i am actually getting this information from one of our producers, so i have not had direct contact with this law enforcement official. i can only image any one in the law enforcement community is
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going to be over joyed this little boy is safe. their number one priority all along is ensuring the safety of this little boy. another priority was ensuring the safety of the suspect. ideally they wanted to get them both out safely but their number one priority was ensuring the safety of this 5-year-old little boy and they got that. i can only image everyone in law enforcement is going to be ue fore rick. >> i think the situation was made more complicated the fact there was an under ground bunker so there was no access into the bunker to try to get teams in. usually they are able to respond to get different snipers to try to terminate the suspect and get the child safely out. here they had the pvc tube. can you talk to us about that? >> absolutely. first of all it's going to be difficult enough getting into an under ground bunker where presumely mrooably there's only access way and assuming it's
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blocked off. based on neighbors what they said about this guy with his strong anti government views and apparent paranoia you don't know if the area around the bunker is going to be booby trapped. even if they had a team were confident they could go in take the suspect out and rescue the boy without the boy getting injured, if there are booby traps you are going to j jeopardize your team, the suspect gets angry and you have ruined everything. they were playing this cautious from the get go. it appears their caution has finally paid off. >> jonathan to bring you up to date the viewers perhaps just joining us this is breaking news development in alabama. jonathan son scene. we are await ago press conference regarding this remarkable ending to this terrible situation, a 7 days where this child was held 5 years old special needs some say suffering from asperger's syndrome was held by the suspect
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that many said was a menace to the neighborhood and the community. we know right now the suspect is deceased. this was determined after a loud explosion, correct? >> yes. this happened after some sort of explosion that got everyone's attention at the media center. we noticed people moving up the hill. these initial reports of a law enforcement source saying the standoff has been resolved that the suspect is dead and this 5-year-old boy has been released and he is okay. another thing that is interesting to note, earlier you had asked what we heard from the boy's family. when there was a press conference earlier today while the standoff was still ongoing, a reporter asked the sheriff wally olsen, whether the child had been able to speak with his mother. at that point the fbi stepped in
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and shut down the press conference. interesting to note there there were some apparent sensitivities about what contact the family was able to have with the boy through out this ordeal. once again it appears the standoff is finally over a law enforcement source saying the boy has been released and is apparently okay and the suspect is dead. >> i can speak to that a little bit. at one point there were indications that the suspect -- or there may have been a television in the bunker and they may have been watching some of the news coverage. maybe that's why they were cutting off some of the questions some of the ideas and certainly some of the video that was going on with a lot of law enforcement people walking around mulling around didn't want to make mr. dykes do something out of fear, right? >> absolutely. he had electricity down in the bunker and we are told he had a television. we don't know whether he was
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watching, whether he was using the tv to entertainment boy or whether he was watching news accounts. certainly every one here every one in law enforcement was very aware everything that was going on in the area surrounding this bunker was potentially viewable on tv. so law enforcement maintained a very wide perimeter. all of the activity that was going on was actual loifr t-- actually over the hill. law enforcement kept me here across the street and on the other side maintained a very wide perimeter so our cameras were not allowed to view what was going on in real time in the area surrounding the bunker. obviously law enforcement authorities were very concerned that mr. dykes might be watching what was unfolding on tv and didn't want to insight any violence. >> from my perspective the law enforcement officials who have
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been keeping people informed have been very professional and giving as much information as they possibly could to the public that is very interested in the well-being of the little boy. the press conference coming up do you expect they will be able to be more forthcoming with the details we are asking you that you have been trying to get but haven't been able to yet partly out of, sounds like, safety for the boy. >> caution, yeah, out of an abundance of caution. every time the sheriff came out it was like he was almost apologizing to the media that he couldn't give us more information. seemed like there was stuff at the tip of his tongue that he wanted to share. but out of abundance of caution didn't want to do anything to jeopardize a peaceful resolution of this potentially violent standoff. earlier today he said that he had a discussion with his own family and his mother told him some of the things that people were speculating about out in the community. he said that he assured his
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mother that he and everyone in law enforcement were doing everything humanly possible to ensure the safety and the safe release of this little boy. the other interesting thing that came out of today's press conference in particular the one that happened earlier today just before the fbi stepped in and shut down the press conference reporter had asked the sheriff whether the boy's family had been able to speak with him during the standoff. that's when the press conference abruptly ended. it will be interesting to see if that actually turns out to be part of the negotiations whether they brought the boy's mother or someone close to the boy and enabled the conversation, perhaps playing at the heart strings of the suspect jimmy lee dykes. we simply don't know. at this point it's pure speculation. i am sure we will get an earful at the press conference that is up coming.
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>> one possibility there could have been some information i am parted in the conf-- imparted i conversation that would let the child know something was happening or he could move or maybe they didn't want to let the suspect know. >> anything is possible at this point. it would be pure speculation. i think i want to wait until the authorities can confirm it at the news conference. >> is there any reason -- i assume this press conference is supposed to be at the top of the hour eastern. it is now 16, 17 minutes after the hour. is there any reason to assume something is going on that has held up the press conference? >> it's not uncommon through out this ordeal that the press conferences are scheduled and it occurs perhaps half an hour or even later than it was initially scheduled. i think law enforcement is lining up that you are ducks
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getting the story straight so they can get into the press conference with coordinated effort and coordinate the facts that they are ready to release at this point. i am not going to read too much into that just to say that there have been a lot of delayed press conferences. this is a very fluid situation that has been constantly unfolding, and as the initial reports suggest significant positive investments in the standoff. >> a lot of information we are waiting for. is it too soon to hear from the parents who are probably importantly tending to the child they have been separated from. we will hear from the sheriff i image wally olsen and any one else you can confirm? >> wally olsen the sheriff has been handling all of the press conferences to this point.
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we assume we will hear from him and maybe also hear from fbi because they have a significant presence out here. adds for the family i would guess it is probably too early to hear from them. i am sure the top priority right now is just reunifying them with their son and probably giving them some space to get back together to comfort the child and it would be wonderful if in the up coming days there would be some opportunity. we would certainly -- haeshg has been prayi-- america has been pg for the safety of this little boy. it would be great for us to get to meet him and it would be wonderful to hear from his family. >> did you ever get a chance to see the bunker? they never let you get close enough to see it? you said it's behind you. is it so far away that -- >> it is so far away you can't see it from where i am. it is over the hill behind me. so even if we were to zoom in
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with our cameras which we have been avoiding because we didn't want to tip off the suspect during this stand off you still wouldn't be able to see it. you would see law enforcement patrolling the area but you wouldn't be able to see the bunker itself. due to the entire standoff law enforcement has been very serious and very adamant about maintaining a very wide perimeter and not letting any media anywhere near it. >> what was the mood like before and after the development. i image from watching this over the last few days it was pretty grimm, at least as an observer that this was a hopeless situation. what was it like before this happened and how did the mood change after? >> the emotions really ran the gamut here. you could talk to any one in town and each time you would get a different prediction. it looked pretty grimm at first,
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because here this gunman barges on the bus demanding hostages takes a kid into an under ground bunker and the more we find out about him neighbors saying jimmy lee dykes was paranoid harbored all of these anti government views. he threatened neighbors he threatened with a gun any one who would get near his property. it sounded like this was a very violent man. the situation did not lock booe -- look good. the longer this went on with no reports of any violence by all accounts jimmy lee dykes was caring for, this is the term law enforce am used, caring for that little boy as best as possible allowing them to deliver medication, allowing them to deliver toys. this suggested that his hostage was somehow becoming humanized, that he was regarding this little boy as a human being. many of us were thinking okay
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over time he is going to develop a relationship with this little kid. he is going to stop seeing him as a hostage. he is going to see him as a human being and then i say going to start caring for the outcome of this little boy and be concerned for his safety and be more likely to release him. >> i have a question, jonathan, what did he -- what set him off initially. when he wanted to take the hostages, was there something that happened before hand that the community has been able to say? what did he want from the bus driver? >> you know, it's not a very good reason for this to happen. he had a court date coming up on wednesday for allegedly threatening neighbors, but it is hard to say. these actions that he allegedly took are so irrational it's hard for us as rational human beings to say oh it's the court date that set him off. neighbors are suggesting that he was a ticking time bomb that he
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was angry and something was eventually going to set him off. whether that court date was the straw that broke the camel's back we don't know. people who knew him are not surprised. they knew that he was potentially capable of violence. as far as the violence against the bus driver, as far as taking him hostage from all we have heard there's no relation. he has no relation with this little boy and the only reason that he opened fire on the bus driver aworeding to -- according to witnesses, charles poland, jr., by all accounts a very dedicated bus driver who put the comfort and lives of his children first was trying to prevent the hostage taking, that he refused the suspect's demands, stood between him and the children, that he even got the back door open, that he was trying to get his bus evacuated and he was shot because he was resisting the gunman.
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from all reports that's the only reason this bus driver was shot. as far as the hostage taking, earlier today the sheriff gave us a glimpse at a possible motive saying that jimmy lee dykes felt that he had an important story, or at least a story that was important to him. so perhaps, and this is no longer the sheriff talking but speculation, perhaps he was looking for hostages so he could get his story out. but of course if these initial reports that the suspect is dead, we may never hear the full story about this. >> jonathan, if these reports are accurate, this is a massively successful operation, hostage negotiation, do we know who was the lead hostage negotiations were? was it the fbi? was it the alabama sheriff's department, was it a special swat team?
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do we know how that worked out? >> yeah, that we don't know. we had a state, local and federal presence out here. we don't know which law enforcement department was involved or whether as you see at the command post behind me whether it was a coordinated effort where you had multiple people talking to the suspect through out this ordeal. >> yeah, you said medicine and toys were delivered to this child. that indicates that somebody got up to the door of the bunker or at least to the entrance of it in somewhere or another. any indication who that was? how that happened? i think that pipe was not wide enough to put that stuff down. >> yeah, actually they lowered it through a pvc pipe similar to this one 4 inches in diameter. this was a pipe that was preexisting at the scene. it was used as a ventilator providing air from the surface down to the bunker. apparently this is how they were communicating with jimmy lee
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dykes through out the ordeal speaking through this pvc pipe. obviously not the one i am holding but one like it embedded in the ground and also how they were lowering what they described as comfort items to the wild, presumab -- to the ch. anything that would have to fit 4 inches in diameter. it included medication and coloring books and crayons. yesterday we were told he gave him cheez-its and a hot wheel car. typical 5-year-old boy. >> some of the reports are the suspect jimmy lee dykes asked the bus driver to have two children given to him. he blocked the way and the special needs children was in the front. so unfortunately this little bus was in the front of the bus so opportunity he was able to just take him. >> that's right. people who knew the bus driver say -- he was concerned about all of his kids on the bus.
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op hot days he would provide them with cold water. on holidays he would give them presents. he would collect lists from them through out the year as to what they liked. on holidays he would give them presents. special needs children he reserved a special place for them at the front of the bus so he made sure that they were cared for. this may be why the little boy was an easy target to be taken hostage. i would luke ike to bring in a t pastor sam. it has plugged into the pulse of this community and has been able to provide a lot of color, a lot of personal color through out the ordeal. obviously some significant developments today. what are you hearing? >> well, we are hearing a lot f from a lot of different sources that this thing is finally over. it has been a long time. 7 days today since this took place. we never thought in the beginning of this that it would
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last this long. from all indications what we are hearing -- nothing has been confirmed to me but a lot of good sources saying the young man is out and he is going to be okay. >> are you hearing anything about his family his grandparents? >> not at this time. after yesterday as i spoke they were still believing god to bring her son home. all of us haare and have been believing for a great outcome to see this boy returned to his family. i think the day as this turns out we don't always like everything that takes place in a situation like this or there had to be any bloodshed but we are thankful this innocent young boy is fixing to go home where he belongs. >> tell me about the mood of the community. when this initially happens you hear a gunman go on board a school bus, didn't look good but a lot of people remain faithful through out all of this. >> there is is the bible belt. people have great faith in this
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area. the churches have come together and communities have come together. >> we are going to go to the news conference now. thank you, pastor. >> good afternoon everybody. just wanted to let you know we are going to get started here in about 5 minutes. wanted to introduce the folks who will be giving the briefing this afternoon. steve richardson who is the special agent in charge of the fbi mobile's division. along with sheriff wally olsen as well as huma call colonel of the department of safety. we are going to give a briefing on the development that it can pla took place in this investigation. they will not entertain questions. we will have opportunity later for that. this is a general briefing. should be 5 minutes. steve richardson r. -i-c-h-a-r ;
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r-i-c-h-a-r-d-s-on. wally olsen, o-l--son. cle we will have that later this evening and we will let you know. we will update you as soon as that is known. >> thank you. it will be 5 minutes. >> okay. so what we have heard now 5 minutes from now you want to keep it here on fox because we are going to have the press conference where we will be receive ago general briefing of the details of what has transpired during the past hour with the incredible news that the 5-year-old special needs child that was being held captive in an under ground bunker has been released. the sheriff will be providing some of the details for us of exactly what happened. some initial reports about an explosion heard and hope we have the answers. we go back to jonathan sari who
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is live at the scene. >> law enforcement authorities getting ready for the news conference. you can see them assembled here. that news conference expect to do begin about 3 minutes from now. what you see behind me is a -- we have state, local and federal law enforcement and we are expecting to hear from all three at this news conference here giving some more details about exactly what happened in the final moments in that under ground bunker. a hostage standoff that began last tuesday afternoon with a gunman boarding a school bus and demanding hostages. let's listen in. >> good afternoon. i am steve richardson the special agent in charge of the fbi in mobile, alabama. with me today is sheriff wally olson, colonel hue mccall with the alabama bureau of investigation, major kneel tu chief of the alabama bureau of
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investigation. at approximately 3:12 this afternoon fbi agent safely recovered the child who has been held hostage for nearly a week. within the past 24-hours negotiations deteriorated and mr. dykes was observed holding a gun. at this point fbi agents fearing the child was in eminent danger entered the bunker and rescued the child. the child appears physically unharmed and is being treated at a local hospital. the subject is deceased. the resolution in this matter is a direct result of extraordinary collaboration between law enforcement at all levels. the exhausted efforts and dedication of this community's law enforcement is truly exemplary. i want to thank everyone in this community that has supported us through out the past few days. i know there are several
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questions that need to be answered, and more questions to come. we will have an opportunity to address these later as more details become available. thank you very much. >> at this time i wanted to thank everybody for your continued patience, the community's support. we appreciate everybody in law enforcement pulling together to get this job done. thank you. >> on behalf of the alabama department of safety and this great state of alabama we had all of the resource from the state of alabama here to assist the sheriff in the safe recovery of the child. that's the most important thing we have is safe recovery of the child. thank you. >> again, thank you all. i know there's a lot more details we are interested in. we will have that opportunity very soon. we will alert you when that time comes. thank you.
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>> what you see now is a conclusion of a brief but informative press conference in bam ma where the 5-year-old boy has been safely rescued from the local department working with the fbi, the alabama bureau of investigations as well in a coordinated effort to secure the release of this young boy treated presently at the hospital is uninjured but is being observed hopefully with his family as well at this time. take it back to jonathan who is live at the scene. we will discuss some of the details of this press conference. >> law enforcement officials confirming what we have been hearing from our law enforcement source earlier in the day around 3:12 local time there was a big break in the case the little boy was rescued, that 5-year-old boy who was held in that bunker in what would have been going into it it's 7th day.
2:36 pm
and the suspect is dead. authorities saying the negotiations that were continuing since last tuesday afternoon, late tuesday afternoon were beginning to deteriorate. they didn't offer any details as to what the nature of those negotiations were or what exactly was said. but they got the impression that the boy was in eminent danger. a weapon was involved. at that point law enforcement entered the bunker and rescued the child and law enforcement confirming that the suspect, 65-year-old jimmy lee dykes is dead. >> jonathan, thank you for those details from this incredible story breaking news developments tonight in that story of the alabama little boy being held can't tive for -- captive for 7 days. it has come to an end jimmy lee dykes deceased to the hands of law enforcement.
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>> the big story here today is of course if you have been watching it so far live on "the five" an end to the hostage standoff in alabama. on special report we will have a live report in midland city on the end to the seeing siege. the 5-year-old boy is safe and the kidnaper is dead. president obama says he needs more revenue to cut the deficit. he says he's talking about closing tax loopholes ones that benefit high income earners. the president was in minnesota today to talk about gun control. he asked members of his audience in minneapolis to press congress to take actions on proposals such as universal background checks for gun booirs. former official of the united nations nuclear energy says iran will produce enough fuel to make a nuclear bomb every two months. iran has not decided whether to
2:42 pm
pursue nuclear weapons. special report in washington starts. >> moments ago we heard from law enforcement and aut thoefrities regarding the release of the 5-year-old little boy who has been held captive for 7 days in alabama. let's go to jonathan for the latest. >> kimberly certainly some significant developments here mid afternoon people at the press site heard some sort of a boom. at the time we couldn't tell whether it was gun fire an explosion or a truck door shutting. it got everybody's attention we started hetding over looking across the street at the police command post. saw a lot of activity heading behind me. the bunker we keep referencing is over the hill behind me. you can't see it from our live location through out this ordeal law enforcement maintaining a wide perimeter because it was
2:43 pm
assumed this man because he had electricity and television down in his bunker it was entirely possible evidences wathe was wa television and knew what was going on. no one in law enforcement wanted to tip their hand as to what exactly was going on. they tried to negotiate with this man jimmy lee dykes who was holding this 5-year-old hostage coming up on 7 days after a shooting on the little boy's school bus where a gunman boarded the bus demanding os tajs and taking this little boy after shooting his bus driver to death. taking him and holding him in this under ground bunker. discussions were going on through a 4 inch diameter pvc pipes. dykes allowed comfort items such as toys and medications, snacks down to the little boy. but this afternoon something
2:44 pm
started heading south. we want to show you now a sound bite from a news conference that occurred minutes ago. listen. >> at approximately 3:12 this afternoon fbi agents safely recovered the child who has been held hostage for nearly a week. within the past 24-hours negotiations deteriorated and mr. dykes was observed holding a gun. at this point fbi agents fearing the child was in eminent danger entered the bunker and rescued the child. the child appears physically unharmed and is being treated at a local hospital. the subject is deceased. >> so again, the suspect in this case is dead. the bilittle boy apparently oka but being checked out as a
2:45 pm
precaution at a local hospital. i want to bring in pastor michael fen who has been a frequent guest through out the ordeal and has his hand on the pulse of this community. what can you tell us? what are your thoughts at this point? >> well it's almost like a breath of -- a relief i guess you would say that this thing has finally come to an end. we are not happy there had to be more bloodshed, a loss of anybody's life is a tragic thing. extremely happy and thankful to god thankful to authorities everyone who had a part in bringing this boy safe. important part is bringing him home with his family. >> you don't have direct contact with the boy's family but you are friends of the pastor who does. knowing what you know about the family now that the boy is being reunited what do they need foint? >> right now emotionally they have got to be on the greatest high they have ever been on. i would assume it's like a 4-year-old on christmas morning but a whole lot better to hear
2:46 pm
the news their child is going to be reunited with them. the next several weeks and months they will need a lot of love and comfort and friendship. when they actually get out of seclusion which they have been they are going to see the whole nation have stood behind them and stood behind to meet them. >> they are reunited with their child. sadly we can't say the same for the family of charles poland, jr., the bus driver who lost his life. by all accounts trying to protect his children from that gunman who came on board. tell me about what you are hearing from the community there really has been an outpouring of sentiment toward the bus driver and his family. >> every where you go around the midland city area you will see signs rest in peace mr. charles poland. we attended his funeral yesterday. it was a wonderful celebration of life rather than talking his
2:47 pm
death. from everything we understand from people that we know who was good friends with him. he was one of the cream of the crop. a great man that loved god and loved his family and loved those kids on the bus. when a person like this is snatched out af community, sure there's going to be a loss. >> pastor michael senn, thank you very much. glad we can report some good news about this little boy. also, kimberly, i want to tell you we have received a written statement from robert bentley, the governor of alabama. he says, quote, i am thankful that the child who was abducted is now safe. i am so happy that this little boy can now be reunited with his family and friends. we will all continue to pray for the little boy and his family as they recover from the trauma of the last several days. back to you. jonathan we are going to ask you to stand by. we are going to be back with more after this break. jonathan live until midland city alabama with a sudden development. good ending to this 7 days the
2:48 pm
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2:52 pm
has been recovered successfully by law enforcement. we are going to take it straight to jonathan. one of the things that was very interesting during this general briefing, because they didn't take q and a was the fact that they said they observed the suspect -- that the situation was deteriorating that they observed and they are very careful to make the statement holding a gun. that seems to suggest they were holding it up to say lethal deadly force was used to save the life of the little boy. >> that is what it sounds like. what is uncertain is whether they took the suspect's life the law enforcement in the bunker or perhaps whether the suspect took his own life as they were or in the entrance way of the bunker. that didn't come out in the news conference. we do know the suspect jimmy lee
2:53 pm
dykes the 65-year-old man described neighbors as paranoid, angry, threatening any one who got near his property that he is dead and the 5-year-old that he was holding hostage coming up on 7 days he's okay. he's going to the hospital to be checked out as a precaution but that he is fistscally unharmed. you could image the emotional trauma that he suffered. he had a close knit community rallying behind him that is going to see to it that he gets all of the help that he needs in the coming weeks and months. >> let me just ask you about that line, we observed he had a gun. they obviously knew he had a gun. when they say observe, is there a possibility the fbi or law enforcement had some kind of cameras in there they were using when they dropped down the microphones to talk back and
2:54 pm
forth? would they have used some kind of small tiny camera? >> that's entirely possible. law enforcement as told us nothing about that. they were certainly in communication with him. they were using, for those viewers just joining us now a pvc pipe that was normally used to provide ventilation for the bunker, it was similar to this pipe, similar dimensions at least in terms of width. they were able to drop comfort supplies to the little boy, red hot wheels car, food, medication. so they had at least indirect physical contact with that bunker. wh whether they used that for some other means to get some sort of monitoring equipment down there. we don't know. it certainly would have been possible. >> jonathan serrie we will be
2:55 pm
coming back to you in a few moments. the 5-year-old little boy from midland city alabama has been recovered successfully. more on that when we return.
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>> this is a fox news alert back with breaking news details in the ob dux abduction of 5-year- ethan from midland city, alabama. he has been released recovered successfully by law enforcement. he is in the hospital receiving some physical ascension making
2:59 pm
sure he is okay and with his family members. the suspect however has not fared so well. the 65-year-old mr. dykes is deceased he was killed or perhaps took his own life. those details have not been forth coming from the general briefing we received moments ago from law enforcement. we do have new developments. a statement from one of the eyewitnesss at the scene that heard the explosion that culminated. here we go mr. byron martin. >> i walked out my back door and heard a big boom. then i heard shots. >> a lot of gun shots? >> there were more than 5 or 6 i am sure. >> could you see? >> no. but i felt the ground shaking. whatever they did to it i felt it. >> we are getting more information about what happened. he was a witness at the scene when this went down. >> just to sum things up a little bit. there's going to be another press conference where


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